Thursday, November 13, 2014

Assignment 14

In the tasks assigned to me for the group, so far I am up to date with them. I had the story and motherboard terrain  due in two weeks and the music for the game in 4 weeks.

The story is mostly done and just needs few changes that are due to the changes that we make to the game as a whole. Deciding to make small dialogs while the player is in a mission,  making the game more funny, and changes to the weapons and how we decide on changing the waves change the story line ever so slightly.

The terrain I had problems with the being able to change the materials of segments of the plane, but I found out how to make that happen and made small panels to make a bigger map. We decided this week that I would make a full map with the components given to me so as to separate the paths and make the navigation  meshes easier to control. This shall be done by Friday night.

The music library is steadily growing as I have been searching and choosing the music and sound effects for the game. So far alerts for wave attacks and some of the music I have already chosen and just need to finish screening what I have downloaded.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Weekly update

This week I have continued to work on the music and story line of the game. Adding more to the story lines and aligning them with the levels.  I also brought up some few minor details to go with the story to the team as names and project titles for the game.

Assignment 14

In the game, our team has discussed how the player will be interacting with the game and the story line. Following the Control Methods in the book these are how we are implementing them. 

Constraints: In the constraints, we use the weapons and strategy. The player has various ways to win a level, one of them being by repairing all the firewalls and another being by defeating all the virus of the stage. Both have to defeat the viruses for the win to happen, but how to win is the players choice. The same with the weapons. The player has three weapons to their disposal and how, which, when, and on whom is all up to the players discretion.

Goals: The goal of the game is to keep the infection level low, out of which as stated above there are two ways to do this. Another goal is to stay alive and not taking too much damage.

Interface: The players play style will be dictated by their preferred weapon of choice. The weapon that they use the most will inflict more damage as it will be the most leveled up, and having all weapons leveled up at the same amount is also a choice the player can have.

Visual Design: The terrain of the game has dictated paths that allow for the player to move into the enemies path. These paths will want to make the player travel them as they have their advantages and makes finding enemies easier.

Character- The characters in the game will be an important factor. The characters will be the players outside support, and while they do not actually fight next to the player, the characters will make comments and explain the story line, allowing for the player to have a sense of a timeline and purpose of what the games goal are and to accomplish them.

Assignment 13

The team has made the game document available through the Team 2 Google docs folder where the sections that were written each have who was the author and the contributions.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

This weeks contribution

This week I have been working on various story lines that the group might agree upon for the game.

Assignment 12

The following list is the agreed list of task that each member of our group will be undertaking.

  • design motherboard layout responsible: Ivan time to completion: 2 weeks
  • design motherboard components (resistors, capacitors, ICs, diodes, etc) -- brian
  • design enemies and their ai (viruses, virus navigation on traces,  ) : responsible: nahush, brian, time to completion: 2 weeks
  • weapon (light saber, blaster gun, blasting CDs) -- responsible:brian
  • Music (walking, light saber move, light saber hit, gun blast, virus die, CD blowing up, popup - virus detected and hub connected/removed): Ivan time to completion: 4 weeks
  • Story: Ivan time to completion : 2 weeks

Assignment 11

1) The interface of our game will include be in a first person view. The player will be able to move freely within the boundaries of the map, while not having a mini map shown. The character will be able to look up to a certain distance away. The character will be controlled by the mouse and keyboard, as in the mouse will control some of the actions the player does and the movement of the camera while the keyboard controls the players movement and other actions. The health of the player will be indicated by a hp bar on the corner of the screen. Also the score will go up as the player kills mobs. On the screen the player will also be able to see ammo amount and what weapon the player is holding, while also having a cross hair for aiming.

2) The interface will allow players to experience a more immersive experience while also allowing for the player to explore the world around the character. The terrain is dark to allow the buildings, enemies, and paths to be easily visible, allowing for a more appealing look and easier game play. The cross hairs will  really come into play when the player is using ranged weapons for the flying enemies.

3) The interface is based on the basic keyboard and mouse controls which allow for an easy learning curve and quick game immersion so as to make the player go straight into playing.

4) The players will not have a strong influence in the outcome of the game as the game has no endding. Since the game is more of a survival tower defense kind of stage where the main point of the game is survival not the outcome it is somewhat of little importance to the genre. Secrets bonuses, armor, weapons, and enemies could be added depending on the score a player has during a wave, so as that a better score will yield secret items, that can lead to alternate events, yet considering the time limit it is very likely this will not happen.

5)The players will definitely will be able to feel powerful in the game, by the different use of weapons and techniques that can be used to deal with the enemies. With more time special power ups that last for limited time can be added.

6) The player will be unable to pick up items by touch, but will be able to pick up items in the game that help with hp regeneration, points, power, etc.

7) The interface will show damage to the buildings, or "specs", that surround the player.

8) The interface lets the player see inside of a hard drive where he is the antivirus, where when there is a virus invading the computer an alert will sound letting the player know that there is an attack. Also the player will be able to destroy the enemies it sees or quarantine them in special fields where the enemies will be seen as stuck.  At the moment I do not have any ideas of how to improve the interface into a more realistic one considering the high amount of fiction involved.

9) The game will draw into the player's sense of defensive thinking. In tower defense the players must defend by using strategy and then watching the battle ensue. In this case the player will be in the battle, going against enemies, while still needing to use strategy to make the best of any situation.

10) The interface will be natural and quite quick to pick up for people to have played computer games before. The interface is a more simplistic but still appealing one, that will allow new gamers to play while still trying to appeal to the expert gamer.

11) If I could do what I want, then I would make the game play in Oculus Rift, with motion sensitive receptors that would allow the player to be able to play the game in a more realistic way while using actual body movements to move and interact with the game world. In a future maybe a neural connection port that allows the game to be played with neural impulses.

12) The interface will present the players health, score, and ammo. This will allow the player to know how to approach situation, when to attack, when to retreat, and allow the player to make their strategies. 

13) The interface feedback is continuous by the simple fact the the game is meant to always continuing in real time, and that the player still has, and never will, finish their work.

14) The exact amount of mode in the game are not yet decided upon considering that we have yet again decided to change aspects of the game that have turned the game into a whole new one. It is probable that there might be more than one, but it is not yet sure.